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good morning, coming up, the terror threat. the president also talks about lunch with hillary, lunch with putin, and a classic romance comedy. plus, these cute seals are attracting one of nature's fiercest creatures off cape cod. also shocking big rig crash caught on tape. and look at this incredible site, a fire in the busiest airport in kenya. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for wednesday, august 7th.
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good morning, everybody, i'm betty ngyun. president obama is speaking about the terror threat. mr. obama called the safety concerns, quote, significant, and this morning many u.s. embassies and consulates remain closed as we learn more about the global threat. tracie potts is live in washington. what is the latest with this threat? what do we know? >> it's the anniversary of being bombed and a lot of times terrorists use anniversaries to strike. it's for that reason, betty, this huge fire this morning caught everyone's attention. there's nothing going in or out of kenya's airport this morning because of this huge fire. no word if it's connected to today's 15th anniversary of deadly bombings at our embassy there and in tanzania. the whole region is on alert. 19 u.s. embassies and consulates
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remain closed due to a terror threat. on jay leno last night, president obama said it's a reminder. >> violent extremism is still out there. we've got to stay on top of it. >> reporter: the airports evacuated 100 americans in the embassy in yemen based on what the state department calls -- >> an immediate specific threat. >> reporter: but not new. >> al qaeda is alive. look at pakistan. look at afghanistan. look at yemen. >> reporter: experts say exposing the plot may force al qaeda to change course. >> this will now drive them to couriers, which were what led us to osama bin laden but were very hard to find. >> reporter: on tuesday, the u.s. found four al qaeda suspects and killed them, looking for the group's chief bomb maker. despite a worldwide terror alert, president obama on leno
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last night said there's really no reason for americans to avoid their international travel plans, betty, he says that you can go, just be careful. >> absolutely. good advice. thank you. he addressed everything from edward snowden, to lunch with hillary clinton. >> if there's a lawbreaker or an alleged lawbreaker in their country, we evaluate it and we try to work with them. they didn't do that with us, and in some ways it's reflective of some underlying challenges that we've had with russia lately. i think putin and russia have a big stake in making sure the olympics work, and i think they understand that for most of the countries that participate in the olympics, you know, we wouldn't tolerate gays and lesbians being treated differently. she had that post-administration glow. when folks leave the white house, two weeks later, they look great.
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>> president obama stays in california today, where he will visit marines at camp pendleton. now to a major headline nearly a year in the making. government officials confirm to nbc news a man has been charged in last year's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the charges are sealed, but we know his name. he's described as a self-formed ma lish sha leader and is accused of playing a significant role in the attack. u.s. authorities say they've identified around half a dozen other suspects. former president george w. bush is expected to go home today after doctors successfully implanted a stent tuesday to open up a blocked artery in his heart. a stent is essentially scaffolding placed into an artery, which restores blood flow and prevents a heart attack. the news caught many off guard because the 67-year-old is known
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for maintaining a exercise regimen. wish him luck. the accused ft. hood shooter acting like his own attorney. major nidal hasan said the evidence will clearly show he is the shooter, but he said the evidence will not tell the entire story. prosecutors say the army psychiatrist carefully planned the attack on his fellow troops, but spared civilians in 2009. the son of r & b singer usher is in intensive care following a freak accident in a swimming pool. the 5-year-old's arm got stuck in a drain at the bottom of the pool you see there. he was given cpr by a contractor working in the home. police say he was conscious and alert when firefighters arrived. now usher's ex-wife is reportedly seeking custody of their son, citing a dangerous environment. talk about the weather now.
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severe flooding in southern missouri. one person is dead, hundreds of homes have been destroyed. nine inches of rain fell in waynesville yesterday. hundreds were evacuated from the area. bill karins is here with a look at the forecast. you warned us of this yesterday. >> it's happening again in the same exact spot. it's really cruel it couldn't have shifted over a couple towns. this is a map of southern missouri. there's kansas city in the upper left, st. louis in the upper right. all the bright yellows and oranges and reds, those are thunderstorms. some spots have an estimated ten inches of rain just to the northwest of rola, missouri. a few towns are being evacuated because of the extreme rainfall. that's really the main show in town. we have the big storm to the north and high pressure to the south of texas.
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i was able to find a few showers, they are approaching from the southeast, moving to the northwest. clip to medford and raining to the north on i-5 as you go throughout your morning drive. still warm in the pacific northwest and back to sunshine in the deserts. that's your national forecast, coast, like santa rosa at 69. and it looks like the forecast doesn't change either. those poor people in missouri tomorrow morning are going to be talking about the same thing again. we need a change of the weather pattern. >> you work on that. >> i wish i had that power. straight ahead, the story of a sinking ship and the man who actually gets to face his dog first before rescuing his wife. plus, the donald is about to
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get his hands on one of washington's most historic landmarks. we're back after this.
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a house of horrors where three young women were held for upwards of a decade is set to be demolished today. it's part of a plea deal that spared ariel castro the death penalty. jay gray is live in cleveland with what's next. good morning, jay. >> reporter: hey, there, good morning, betty. always good to talk to you. it's an important day for this neighborhood and this city. let's take a live look at what's going on outside the home, the former home of ariel castro right now. you can see the back hoe, the bull dozer in place. this process really beginning to start in earnest here. they will work to tear away the walls of this home and hopefully a lot of people in the neighborhood say tear away the pain associated with everything that's happened today. one of the victims, one of the three ladies held inside this house for so long, lived such a brutal life, endured so much
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torture there, has been so brave throughout this, michelle knight, who showed up and gave her comments during the sentencing of ariel castro. she was there this morning, showed up with yellow balloons, released those as a part of a beginning of this process and continuing healing and talked about what it means to see this house come down. >> why it was important to be here today is because nobody was there for me when i was missing, and i want the people out there to know, including the mothers, that they can have strength, they can have hope, and their child will come back. >> reporter: again, just a very strong woman and a very strong message this morning. as the sun's come up, a lot of people have come out of their houses on seymour street, betty, and they are watching, waiting to see the walls come down on this house. everyone saying it's a very important step here as they try to move forward. >> absolutely. i got the chills as i was
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listening to her speak. thank you for that. in other news this morning, an update on a tragic story. logan stevens, the 2-year-old who served as the best man at his parents' wedding on saturday, he died. logan only had weeks to live due to a rare genetic disease, they moved up their wedding so he could take part in the ceremony. logan's mom wrote, quote, he is with angels now. he is in no more pain. california authorities are continuing their search for hannah and ethan anderson, the two children who have been missing since sunday. they are believed to have been taken by james lee dimaggio. the children's father appeared on tuesday to send his 16-year-old daughter a message. >> hannah, we all love you very much. if you have a chance, you take it. you run. you'll be found. check out this disturbing video. it's surfaced of a fatal truck
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crash outside of dallas over the weekend. in the clip you can see the 18 wheeler fly off an overpass before crashing on to the turnpike below. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that crash. after discovering his boat was sinking, he swam to get his dog before getting his wife. at least we know who his best friend is. wife is not happy, as you can imagine. finally, the powerball jackpot is up to $425 million. your odds are just 1 in 175 million, it's still fun to think about what you could buy. oh, the thought of it. taco bell for breakfast anyone? the fast food chain is including the waffle taco. take a look, scrambled eggs, sausage, and a side of syrup. the expansion will go from five restaurants to 100 starting on thursday. donald trump has signed a $200 million, 60-year lease on
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one of washington's most coveted buildings. no, not the white house, but this one right here. the historic old post office. the donald will convert the space into a luxury hotel, spa, and restaurant scheduled to open in 2016. no confirmation urban tourist rendering is what the building will look like in the future, we sure hope it's not. straight ahead, where seals gather, sharks are certain to follow. plus all your sports highlights. that's next.
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it is one of the most popular summer spots in the u.s., cape cod, massachusetts, traditionally known for beautiful beaches and tranquil waters, but there are growing concerns over a population explosion and the danger it is attracting. >> reporter: crowds by the dozens, seals by the hundreds. at least right here. on any given day on cape cod, thousands of the whiskered sea creatures can be seen sunning, where they've been federally protected for the last h40 year, but it's not just the visitors the seals are tracking. last year a shark researching group tagged two great whites in the waters off cape cod. on monday, beaches were closed for an hour after people spotted another shark 30 years out. everybody talks about how the
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sharks make it unsafe to get in the water for swimmers, but if you ask the fishermen, the sharks aren't the problem. bill has been fishing here since the '70s, like more than 400 other fishing families on the cape, he'd only see an occasional seal, now they are everywhere. 16,000 by a rough estimate from the marine fishery service. >> they are eating the fish. they are eating fish at rates greater than we're able to catch them. >> reporter: he and others want the government to take another look at the marine mammal protection act, which they say has worked too well. their idea, to thin the population. a tough sell, but given the choice between this and this, residents along the cape are facing an uneasy end to summer. katie turr, nbc news, chatham, massachusetts. latest in sports now, we begin with some heat. the nba announced the reigning champs will host the bulls for the season opener on october 29th, while the lakers will take
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on the clippers. no luck for the yankees on their second night against the chicago white sox. first, was he really out, brett gardner runs on to home plate, ump calls him out, but the replay doesn't seem too convincing. check out this catch by soriano, what a dive. a-rod went 1 for 2 in the losing effort. incredible finish for the pittsburgh pirates, bottom of the ninth, tied 3-3. saves the night with a walk off homer. his reward coming up here, it is a classic pie to the face by a.j. burnett. got to clean that up. the nfl's favorite brothers, peyton and eli manning, they are watching football on their phones. ♪ ♪ football on your phone that's what i say ♪ ♪ football on your phone you can watch it in bed ♪ >> loving the hair. so much swag, even papa manning made an appearance in that video.
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just ahead, stallone slams bruce willis. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back. let's give you our heat wave alaska update. the summer has been incredibly warm. we've been saying that the last couple weeks. starting off in the 50s in alaska. can we add another 80-degree day
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to fairbanks records? we can. the incredible stretch continues, but signs of colder stuff making its way into northern alaska. not much problems in the west. warmer in alaska than it is in san francisco? >> san francisco's too close to the cold waters. that happens a lot actually in the summer. >> thank you, bill. in entertainment news, "sons of anarchy" is the latest pop culture phenomenon to get parodied by "sesame street." sons of poetry. she is no diva. superstar beyonce has posted instagram photos of her riding her bicycle across the brooklyn bridge. >> she's one of us. >> she is, just like us. stars are just like us. riding all the way to the barclays center for her monday nights performance. sylvester stallone tweeted excitement about casting and the
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departure of bruce willis. >> i like bruce willis. >> listen to this, followed up with a slight jab to willis, apparently directed at his former costar tweeting greedy and lazy, a sure formula for a career failure. yikes. finally, the idea of offering random women the opportunity to reenact the famous kissing scene from "the notebook." >> would you do it? >> ryan gosling isn't in there, of course i'm not going to, but they would. they are ready for that close up. >> i might think about it, i might think about it. there's a few others -- >> it's "the notebook," great scene. >> i'm not just going to kiss anybody, hello. i'm betty nguyen, this is "early today," we hope it's just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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leading the news in "usa today," prone southwest captain took over before nose landing. the ntsb says the pilots made the unusual move while it was less than 400 feet from the ground and that it was the captain's first landing at new york's laguardia airport. e! online, dustin hoffman beats cancer, actor, quote, feeling great after surgery. no word what cancer the 75-year-old actor had, but he's been surgically cured. good for him. topping our news, nbc news has learned a libyan man is the first to be charged in connection with the attack on the consulate in benghazi. he's accused of playing a
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significant role in the attack. other charges have also been filed. signs of progress, 18 states showed slight drops in child obesity in low-income preschoolers. the centers for disease control and prevention says it is the first significant decrease in childhood obesity, but rates are still high. one in eight preschoolers in the u.s. is obese. and president obama on the "tonight" show on tuesday night with his gray hair, the president says although the first lady may tease her about it, he doesn't tease her back. that's why they are celebrating their 21st anniversary. absolutely, that is a no-no. tuesday night, viewers of the colbert report got quite the surprise. check it out, def punk was supposed to perform, they were a no show. colbert took the opportunity to make fun of the lack of musical performances and made up his own dance routine, inchosing jimmy
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fallon, jeff bridges, robin thicke also performed later on. he actually had a few moves, right? >> yeah, he's talented. i'd rather see that than def punk. >> come on, bill. time now for a look ahead. president obama will answer housing questions this afternoon in an online chat. you can submit questions on zillow. the president was in phoenix tuesday to talk about housing recovery. also happy birthday to actress charlize theron and garrison keeler turns 71. here's what's coming up later on the "today" show, al goes one on one with oprah about her new movie, lindsay lohan, and her milestone birthday. keep it right here for more news, weather, and sports. i'm betty nguyen, thanks for
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good morning, everybody. time 4:30. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> breaking news is a 1-year-old shot to death in oakland. police at a home on ghormley, from the exit of interstate 880. >> another body found inside of that home. you're on the scene. what is happening? what are you hearing? >> reporter: good morning. this just a disturbing scene. a 1-year-old baby shot, also a 20-year-old man shot. i'm photog step aside so you can see what's going on the house that has the porch light on. both of them killed. just a few minutes ago, a man and woman wal

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